The current condition of the OPRF High School building and athletic facilities is a disgrace that should have been addressed decades ago. Despite the efforts of District 200 to spend and plan judiciously, the constant bickering in our villages over past proposals and their funding has prevented progress.

Our facilities were built piecemeal in the 1920s and 1960s and their layouts and condition cannot provide the functions or access we need for modern classrooms and athletic space. The current Phase 2 proposal is a thoughtful plan to replace these structures and is an important and long overdue investment in our students and our community.

As an alumna, a parent of current and future students, and as a taxpayer, I urge the funding and completion of this project asap and believe that any delay will jeopardize our home values and negatively impact more classes of children who are being taught in dated and decaying facilities — millions are already in the reserve and earmarked for this project. With construction costs further escalating annually, what are we waiting for? Our children are worth our investment!

The current D200 Board of Education and those over the past 10 years have shown that they are attentive and cautious financial stewards, showing restraint in both levying taxes and the development of a quality project that is not extravagant. Each of these individuals were duly elected by our community with knowledge that this renovation project was both necessary and in planning stages. All ideas, proposals, changes, and funding suggestions have been shared and available to the public every step of the way. This is democracy in action! Any further referendum is redundant and increases both the costs and the time to completion.

The elected board of education must move ahead with the lowest cost financing option and approve Funding Scenario 4 without delay.

Amy Hansmann
River Forest

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