Doug, your friends and family will agree that you have spent a lifetime dancing with God, showing off his love, allowance, and forgiveness. Thank you for such an authentically evangelical and reverent demonstration of faith.

We have shared so much. I treasure the memories and love you so much. I thank Barbara for insisting we meet and smile knowing that you two are together again. You took such good care of Barbara before she passed in 2018.

You’ve lived life your way for as long as I’ve known you. Look at you now, departing on your own terms — in your own timing. Surprise, surprise — it’s been you and God for 95 years!

The Good Book teaches that God wants us to live exceeding and abundant lives. You knew He meant more than wealth, prestige, position, and power but more an abundance of love, joy, peace, and the rest of the fruits of the Spirit. You had such an awesome sense of people and understood how local political leadership and the policies that govern our lives play a role in our ability to keep the faith, persevere, and strengthen our community for everyone. When it came to the quality of life for your family, parish, and community, you taught us the possibilities available when we refuse to sit idly by.

Oak Park was good for you and you were good for Oak Park. It must have been all those decades in the printing industry, training and developing people beyond their known potential. Your values were on full display with your tireless work in organizations like Housing Forward and the CROP Hunger Walk, as VMA president, and all those political campaigns. You desired and advocated for leadership in Oak Park that valued people and the environment. I appreciate you for introducing me to the best that Ascension Parish has to offer, Extending the Word. What a safe place for growth and reflection. I pray that your wisdom, love, and infectious laugh continue to be felt throughout the Oak Park community.

Everyone who crossed your path walked away with a nugget of wisdom. You, like my earthly father, had the patience of Job — but that never stopped you from speaking your mind and telling it like it T-I-S. We were inseparable from the start, you and I. I’ll never forget sharing my intention to start a radio show and inviting you to co-host. You agreed immediately and what a ride! We never let anyone come between us.

One thing I know for sure is that God broke the mold when he made Douglas J. Wyman.

It was hard seeing you grow weak. You were always such a pillar of strength. But again, doing it your way, you began inspiring your peers at your new senior living dwelling that your collective dream of having a pool table was totally possible and you and God went to work making that happen, just this year. I was also told that just last week you officiated your nephew’s wedding. There’s that dance y’all do.

Doug, Thank you for your friendship and thank you for your love. I promise to always hold a seat for Lazarus. My deepest love, sympathy, blessings, and prayers to the entire Wyman family. Thank you for sharing …

RIP, Doug.

Doris Davenport is host of the Doris Davenport Show, broadcast at WCPT820.

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