There is a big difference between the majority of Democratic and Republican politicians. All politicians tell us what great things they will do for us and most stretch the truth to their advantage. Some may even outright lie. Rep. Santos comes to mind. The big difference is that, after winning office, Democrats tend to ignore their stretched truths and hope the voters do also. Republicans continue to spout their stretched truths to convince voters that their lie is actually the truth.

Republicans continue to shout that they want, and will demand, a balanced budget so that our national debt will not increase under their watchful eye.

A list of national debt per president gives a rough picture of what each president did, with no description of the problems the president faced. The first year of their presidency is really from the previous president. The websites below allow an easy comparison.

The percentage of debt increase rather than a dollar amount is a way of accounting for inflation. The percentage increase per year is used so that eight-year terms are fairly compared to shorter terms.

Republicans claim their biggest goal is to reduce the deficit, but our national debt increases more than twice as fast under Republicans. Interesting how they brag about their continuing failures and lies.

Here are the URLs used to extract the debt information:

Rob Kleps
Oak Park

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