We strongly urge the OPRF District 200 Board of Education to approve the scope of Imagine OPRF Project 2 and, more specifically, to proceed with funding option #4. This option makes the most financial sense as it is the fastest and, therefore, cheapest route to completing this essential project.

Plans for Project 2 have been thoughtfully curated and involved years-long collaboration with all stakeholders. It is time for the board to move forward with this work without the costly delay of a referendum. Doing so does not “bypass taxpayers,” as some would argue. Rather, it shows our trust in the OPRF board to do what they were elected to do — serve as responsible stewards of resources while also improving the OPRF community in ways that will last for generations to come.

We also want to take a moment to negate the messaging from the small, but very loud, contingent that Project 2 is simply a “pool project” being demanded by a small group of swim team parents for their children’s benefit. We have a child who swims for OPRF and if Project 2 begins under funding option #4, our child will not have access to a pool at OPRF for the remainder of their high school swimming career.

Despite this lack of access for our child, we understand the financial importance of beginning this work as soon as possible so that construction costs do not continue to climb.

We are supporting Project 2 funding option #4 despite the fact that it doesn’t benefit our OPRF swimmer whatsoever.

Joyce & Bryan Webster
Oak Park

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