I hoped to see more explanation of what happened that led to Michael Romain and GCM parting ways. I’m sure you know what a loss this is to your papers. Michael’s thoughtful, smart, insightful reporting was the highlight of the newspaper. He has heart and persistence and respect for all those trying to make their communities a better place to live.

I feel we in Proviso are particularly left adrift. Michael started the Village Free Press, and I don’t know what your deal was to bring it into the fold of GCM papers. But here we are in Westchester, in the middle of election season with five candidates and a bunch of write-ins running for village president, and all we have for information is the algorithmic, dicey, no-fact-checking speculation on Facebook. We have a village that is still undergoing a forensic audit, a slew of positions to be filled in government, a new site for a village hall we may or may not move into — and no substantial reporting these last few weeks from GCM.

Beyond the lack of coverage out here in Proviso, I find the terse notice you emailed/printed about Michael’s departure to be not enough. And until I believe that Michael and other employees are treated fairly, I will pause on my donations to GCM.

I say this with great reluctance on my part. I love newspapers. I love small newspapers. I love community newspapers. But I think your readers and supporters are owed an explanation if you expect our continued support.

Diane Scott

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