What are we waiting for? The time to move forward with District 200’s Project 2 is now. Any call for a referendum is call for more delay and more cost. It is time to embark on this urgently needed project for not only our children, but for our home and property values. I urge the OPRF school board and the Community Finance Committee to move forward with Funding Plan No. 4.

D200 has prepared a detailed plan for critical improvements to OPRF’s physical campus. Our property values depend on this critical infusion of development. This is not a “nice to have” project; this is a “must have” project. There is consensus that this dilapidated building must be rebuilt.

Of course, no one wants to pay more for this crucial work. We all watch the bottom lines of our tax bills. This project was already delayed years ago and the impact of that delay was that the cost for this project has increased. It is no surprise that any additional delay for this work will increase the cost. In fact Elizabeth Hennessy, Raymond James Public Finance managing director, detailed this fact in her presentation before D200’s Community Finance Committee. Each year costs can be expected to rise.

Ms. Hennessy’s plan has laid out five scenarios and the least cost to the taxpayer is Funding Plan No. 4. The money to be borrowed would be serviced from the annual budget of D200.

Referendum equals more delay and more cost. The board and the Community Finance Committee must proceed with Funding Plan No. 4.

Michele Batra
River Forest

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