With the April elections on the horizon, we thought a reminder is in order for readers and candidates on how to submit letters and One Views to our Viewpoints section. We are proud of our tradition of publishing so many election letters. But we also need to have some guidelines so all views are represented.

 As is our usual practice, we allow each candidate one essay, no longer than 500 words, to introduce themselves to the readers/voters. We strongly encourage not waiting till the last two weeks before the election to submit because an avalanche of letters and One Views means we will likely not have space to include them all.

Letter writers should also not submit multiple letters in support of a single candidate as we try hard to get as many different voices into our section. And election letters should not be more than 250 words.

If, in spite of everyone’s best intentions, we receive too many submissions at the end for the space allotted, we will publish a sampling in print and the remainder online.

We ask that all submissions focus on the strengths of your preferred candidates and not perceived weaknesses of their opponents. The more civil the tone, the more likely it will be published.

Any questions, email Ken Trainor, Viewpoints Editor, at ktrainor@wjinc.com.

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