For many years, our community has discussed that the physical education spaces (Project 2) at OPRF must be replaced. The work must be done. There is consensus that the work needs to be done.

District 200 has presented a detailed, thoughtful schematic/plan to replace the current structure and ensure this amazing school will stand for another 100 years.

District 200 has also laid out five different funding scenarios for this project. The lowest price financing option is the option that gets us to construction as soon as possible.

This plan provides for the D200 board to act now and vote to move forward with the Project 2 plan as it is proposed, as well as with the funding scenario carefully laid out by Elizabeth Hennessy, a managing director of public finance for Raymond James Financial and an advisor to several school districts in the Chicago area.

As Ms. Hennessy laid out in her presentation, our district has done a terrific job at saving money for this project. Approximately $45 million is already earmarked for this project. Our community has even established a foundation for those of our neighbors who wish to support Project 2 with more personal funds, contributions that would eliminate further taxpayer impact. With construction costs further escalating annually, what are we waiting for?

What is the point of spending extra money and adding a year of delay when we all know the work is needed? We elected our board. Why the need for cost, delay, and referendum voting? For some exercise in perceived democracy?

Democracy has been exercised here. We, the voters, have elected the District 200 board to make this decision. They are even charged with this task.

It is time for our elected leaders to represent our interests and proceed with Project 2 and the funding scenario that gets us to construction as soon as possible with the lowest estimated cost. That is most responsible.

Laura Minnis
River Forest

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