A special thank-you to all involved in the 2022 Holiday Food and Gift Basket (HFGB) program. HFGB had another successful season serving those community members in need. This year, HFGB served 790 families which was nearly 2,300 household members. We had a total of 90 new sponsors and 20 new donors during this cycle of HFGB.

We were nearing the week of gift drop-off and hundreds of families were still not matched. After the article Wednesday Journal ran before Thanksgiving, we were able to match all families requesting gifts. HFGB is grateful to Wednesday Journal for its continued support.

The HFGB program gives local community members, businesses and religious congregations a chance to help their neighbors in need. A heartfelt thank-you to our nearly 280 sponsors; your generosity brightened the holiday season for so many.

A multitude of volunteer hours goes into making the HFGB a success. A special thank-you to Mary Jane Welter, Valerie Woods and Kathy de la Cruz who dedicated so many hours in the office and beyond. HFGB had a dedicated group of new and experienced volunteers during gift drop-off and delivery week at the church; their organization and guidance made for a smooth delivery day.

Finally, we are grateful to United Lutheran Church in Oak Park for allowing HFGB to use their space for the week of gift drop-off, as well as River Forest Township for giving us office space to use for the administrative tasks of the program.

The HFGB is highly visible during the fall through the holidays, but we are quietly working all year long behind the scenes. Fundraising for the following year continues shortly after the prior season concludes.

Here is the link, if you are inclined to donate: https://www.communityofcongregations.org/give/

Wishing you a wonderful 2023!

Angie Seder

HFGB coordinator

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