I am a concerned citizen from Boy Scout Troop 16. While I may be young, I am not blind to an odd trend that has happened in the last few years that my parents have lamented many times. When I was a little kid, my parents had me put gas in the tank for the first time and I saw that it was a dollar and a couple of cents per gallon.

Now that I am learning to drive, I notice that some gas stations have gone up to five dollars a gallon. While the prices have started to go back down, I find myself wondering why this happened in the first place? Was it because of some shipping accident losing thousands of gallons in the sea? Is it due to the war in Ukraine stopping Russian oil from reaching American companies? Is it some other reason that is far too complicated to be explained in the media? The reason I bring this inquiry to you is that I want to know how the gas prices rose as fast and as high as they did and if it will ever happen again.

Adam Salisipan
Boy Scout Troop 16

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