Jenna Leving Jacobson makes an impassioned plea for an “assault weapons ban” [Support the assault weapon ban, HB 5855, Viewpoints, Dec. 21]. But may I remind her that this country had just such a ban between 1992 and 2002. When it became time to renew the law, the ban was allowed to “sunset.”

The FOID Card age restriction in HB 5855 will be increased to 21 years of age but, the people who are creating the mayhem never feel any need for this government identity card. The reason is they buy firearms from the guy behind the liquor store with a trunk full of guns. We entrust our young military adults with use of highly armed drones, 50 cal. machine guns, 3.5 inch mortars, but limiting their access to a FOID card will make a difference?

The rule of thumb is 3% of our population cause almost all of the problems. Gun violence statistics follow that same general rule. Any law that is passed will be followed by that 97% and ignored by the 3%. We have firearms laws, ordinances and regulations on the books now and a court system that ignores all of them. The Illinois Safe-T Act will just make this situation worse.

The issue of white suicides is not a gun violence issue, but a mental health issue. People who are having trouble coping with issues will always “find a way” and guns just happen to be one of those ways.

So here we are once again, trying to solve a problem without understanding the problem. If we cannot define the “who” and the “why” we will never get close to a solution to gun violence. We seem to be taking a path like solving the problem of a lousy carpenter by giving him a lighter hammer and shorter nails.

Ray Simpson
Oak Park

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