As 2023 opens, it is striking how many critical local leadership posts have changed hands over the past year to 18 months. The year just past has been one of enormous transition in top posts, some critical settling in, listening tours, and now the start of taking action on hard issues.

In Oak Park we have a new superintendent, Ushma Shah, at the District 97 elementary schools; a still new leader, Greg Johnson, at Oak Park and River Forest High School; a new village manager, Kevin Jackson; and a new police chief in Shatonya Johnson.

River Forest has a new administrator, Brian Murphy.

In every case those new leaders are already beginning to reshape their own internal leadership teams. And elected officials, where boards will be reshaped to a degree through April elections, will be more ready to expect the new leaders to implement critical 2023 goals.

We’d also mention another staggering transition that we’ll be watching as West Suburban Hospital has yet another new owner. This time it is not an out-of-state health-care chain but a more entrepreneurial and locally based leadership. This, too, is critical.

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