A discouraging moment when two Oak Park village trustees feel it necessary to host an “anti-hate” event in Scoville Park.

But that is the circumstance we find ourselves in as Americans, where a vocal minority spews hate and fear of a widely defined “other” and has its voice amplified across right-wing media and social media. We now see this “speech” being transformed into active violence and, in some places, even into public policy.

Chibuike Enyia and Susan Buchanan will host this event on Dec. 21 at 3:30 p.m. This is the winter solstice, the year’s shortest day, and one in which we might all turn toward light.

Active countering to the rhetoric being hurled at neighbors based on faith, race, gender, and sexual orientation is essential even in a community that works intentionally toward inclusion. The hate cannot be left unchallenged. It cannot be normalized in any moment, in any place.

We’ll be in Scoville Park on Dec. 21. Stand up to this assault on American values.

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