I’ve been an environmental advocate since 1968. I am also a natural foods educator and certified wellness and health coach. It doesn’t seem that food quality was mentioned as part of the criteria to be a green restaurant with Takeout 25. Saving energy and having sustainable packaging are important, but food quality is a vital sustainability issue for personal and planetary health.

Sustainable foods are those raised organically. Big Ag chemicals are destroying the soil and its natural microbiome, diminishing the soil’s ability to sequester carbon. Also, Monsanto/Bayer’s GMOs (no longitudinal studies have been done) and their disastrous RoundUp/glyphosate are destroying the soil’s microbiome, preventing nutrient uptake in the food, and also reducing the soil’s ability to sequester carbon. It is damaging our human microbiome and thus is a root cause of chronic diseases since about 85% of our immune system is in our gut (our microbiome) and those amazing critters inside each of us.

All these Big Ag pesticides and herbicides add toxic chemicals to soil, air, water, food, and people. They are part of the fossil fuel industry. They are the fossil fuel industry.

We can do better. We can say “No” to them and say “Yes” to earth and water and sky and farmers and all those who pick, haul, handle, cut, cook, deliver, and eat foods.

Eating and supporting Big Ag chemicals and farming is not sustainable. Let’s eat truly green and sustainably. Let’s eat organic. Let’s eat foods even from regenerative farms.

As we say “No” to Monsanto and Big Ag and how they have dominated the food supply, we can create a more sustainable food supply even in restaurants. This effort is a significant one to help heal The Mother. That would mean no Monsanto oils like canola, corn or soy, or other GMO and chemicalized foods. Most restaurants have caved in and use these degraded and toxic oils and ingredients.

So as part of the green initiative of Takeout 25, could each restaurant offer even one menu item (more would be great, of course) that is organic, local when possible, and free of pesticides, herbicides and Monsanto/Bayer GMOs and Glyphosate/Roundup?

Creatively add in allergen-free and you have a way to educate as well as to grab new customers.

I would love to eat out in restaurants again.

Gina Orlando
Forest Park

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