Elon Musk

I have watched documentaries on Elon Musk before and even wrote two papers on him for a study project. I was fascinated with the person who could overcome so many challenges to become a space innovator as a non-physicist.

My daughter wants to be a physicist and saw herself applying as an intern at SpaceX soon. My daughter is also a high-functioning autistic who excels at a lot. To us, he was an example of how those with autism challenges can succeed, and succeed in such a big way. The world is still adapting to the alternative thinking, seeing, and feeling of those on the spectrum. They add innovation to our world.

So it is hard to watch his recent actions and behaviors. We are scratching our heads. We know he is also diagnosed with bipolar as he has shared openly. So what happens when someone who seems to be in other ways a well-meaning person (let’s give him the benefit of the doubt), makes dastardly and disruptive decisions that affect so many?

Do we just say, he’s not processing his trauma from past life challenges and is acting out because of his autism and bipolar? Do we encourage him to get help? Do we try to understand and gently nudge him? Or should we launch an attack?

As with Kanye “Ye” West, who, as of late, has displayed the same destructive behaviors (they are friends btw), how long do we watch without calling attention to the fact that, regardless of how rich, how powerful, how successful a person might be, it doesn’t exclude them from pain, trauma, implosion due to the latter, and the need to get help?

Many people go through these things but the unfortunate few who are in the public eye in such a major way become public spectacles. I am not saying Musk or even Ye are victims, but as we want Musk to just stop and get a handle on Twitter, the bottom line is that the man making all the decisions is in obvious crisis.

I want him to get the decision-making support he needs in order for his Twitter ventures to not drown out more important and worthy news, and to just “make the noise stop.” It’s hard to watch and listen to.

But I also want him to have the support he needs because the last thing America needs is more chaos and avoidable crap. It also makes me wonder if we are the kind of community who will say, ‘Hey, buddy. Let’s talk about this. You OK?’

I confess, if I had not seen documentaries about him and saw the empathetic, idealistic tortured soul behind the Musky mask, I might not feel the desire to cut him a tiny ounce of slack. But here I am, conflicted and not in his inner circle, saying to myself, “Elon! For the love of all of those with ASD, please don’t make them look bad! Please get some solid help, advice, counseling, and throw in a good purging cry for good measure.

From a lover of people with ASD.

EL Serumaga is a resident of River Forest and Founder of Ecovici.com.

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