The village of Oak Park is sending mixed messages about its commitment to lower emissions, as stated in Climate Ready Oak Park. By raising parking fees and limiting free parking at the village parking garages, with the goal of eliminating free parking, it is dis-incentivizing residents who live in older apartment and condo buildings to follow the Climate Ready guidelines.

Those residents in the older buildings, who aspire to or already own EVs, will find it more difficult and more expensive to charge their cars. EVs lower emissions, but older buildings do not support charging EVs. The village will be limiting access to charging stations in the parking garages which will discourage owning an EV.

Composting is one of the most important activities one can do for the Earth. Food scraps put into landfill become methane gas. Food scraps put into composting fields become soil. Despite what the village website says, no local garbage/recycling hauler will pick up compost from buildings with more than five units.

Residents who live in older, large buildings need to use village composting bins. Two bins are currently located in the Avenue Parking Garage. Once free parking is unavailable, residents will have to pay to enter the garage to drop off compost.

I think these problems can be solved, but village trustees have to take another look at their decision, which is causing the mixed messages.

Elaine D. Johnson
Oak Park

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