OPRF Infant Welfare Society believes that a family’s household income shouldn’t impact a child’s health outcomes, and that oral health is vital to overall health. That’s why they continue to invest in and grow their delivery of dental care to children who are uninsured or on Medicaid. Children with severe dental anxiety, behavioral health issues or complex medical conditions require a pediatric dentist who has extra training to support their needs. For families on Medicaid or without insurance, options for this care are very limited.

IWS is proud to have a highly experienced dental team that includes pediatric dentists as well as general dentists at their new, larger location at 28 Madison Street in Oak Park. They leverage their dental visits to screen patients for mental health concerns and can connect them with a social worker. IWS also screens and provides their dental-only patients with measles vaccines they may have missed during the height of the pandemic. They recently restarted their portable dental program in area schools, providing cleanings and health education. Altogether, Infant Welfare Society’s dental-related programs reach thousands of children each year, and they are poised to provide more than 8,000 dental visits this year thanks to their recent expansion.

“OPRF Infant Welfare Society is committed to the long-term health and wellness of our patients. We know you are too. Please help us continue this essential work by making a gift this holiday season.”

OPRF Infant Welfare Society

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