This has been a hard year for local families living on the edge. They are coming to Beyond Hunger’s programs in increasing numbers. 

When Shandra moved here with her family for a new job, she had just gotten settled when her position ended abruptly. Her last paycheck went directly to pay for rent and other bills. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do about food: “I visited the pantry right away since I needed the food. To be honest, I was nervous coming for the first time – I’m usually the mom volunteering and taking care of others – but people made me feel so welcome. And the food is terrific! I’ve been able to make so many healthy meals with everything.” 

Many families like Shandra’s are barely making ends meet. With increases in gas, utilities, and the costs of groceries, there is little left to manage monthly bills.

The need this year is exponential – Beyond Hunger is tackling rising food costs as more and more community members are picking up food to feed their families. And just as Shandra can’t hold out any longer, Beyond Hunger can’t do this without you.  A donation of $75 can provide two months’ worth of fresh and nutritious groceries for a neighbor in crisis—helping them make meals their families love this holiday season.  

To donate, visit or send checks payable to Beyond Hunger, 848 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301

Beyond Hunger
(708) 386-1324

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