Please disregard the entirety of Kevin Shalla’s rethinking last week on the Home Avenue Bridge. [Home Avenue Bridge should allow all traffic, Viewpoints, Nov. 9]. It absolutely must remain pedestrians-only.

If one of Oak Park’s six options over the expressway isn’t good enough for someone, then perhaps they should drive less. We shouldn’t encourage more people to zip across the village; instead, let’s do something for Oak Parkers and the drivers already passing through.

Let’s build a kickass bridge on the Eisenhower.

A noteworthy bridge would be a giant billboard for Oak Park — one we already make 200,000 architecture-loving people per day slow down to see, because our predecessors knew the answer was not more cars.

Creating a footbridge pleasing in form and function will bring about a better future for Oak Park. And that’s what we should be building this for.

Dan Stark
Oak Park

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