The parking commission must be joking: 45 minutes free parking?! Once you pull into the garage, it might be 10 minutes before you find and pull into your parking space. Then there’s another 10 minutes to walk to your destination. You have to allow 10 minutes to walk back at the end. What can you do in 15 minutes? So if someone does not want to pay for parking, they will simply have to go somewhere other than Oak Park.

When I go to many other communities, such as Elmhurst, I see loads of free parking because those communities are smart enough to realize that they gain from the tax revenue from the sales at the stores and restaurants, and the existence of these businesses are a large part of what makes the community attractive.

These changes are incredibly shortsighted. Even I, as an Oak Parker, may consider shopping elsewhere if the parking becomes too expensive. Apparently there has to be a restructuring of the village budget so that the parking is not isolated and it gains from the sales tax revenue the free parking generates.

Joyce Porter
Oak Park

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