Regarding the proposed re-do of the Eisenhower Expressway overpass at Home Avenue, I suggest we rethink the use of this bridge. While it is very tempting to build an attractive pedestrian-only bridge with cutting-edge design that architects and designers will talk about, remember that this is a bridge over a dirty, loud, and smelly artery of the transportation industry. No one lingers on this bridge to take in the visual, aural, or olfactory beauty of the day. The goal for pedestrians is to pass safely and quickly.

Oak Park south of the expressway is functionally connected (pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists) to Oak Park north of the expressway every quarter mile except in the western third of Oak Park, where motorists must navigate to Harlem or Oak Park, and cyclists must slowly zigzag up and down the ramps of the Home pedestrian bridge.

Instead of beautiful design as a pedestrian bridge photographically suitable for Architectural Digest, I suggest we build a highly functional bridge that can handle pedestrian, bicycle, and automobile traffic, the way it is already being done at East and Lombard avenues. This would give better automobile, police, fire, and cycling access, and safer pedestrian access (up on a sidewalk, away from cyclists).

Kevin Shalla
Oak Park

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