Dear District 200 school board,

We are writing to you as residents of River Forest with one child currently at OPRF High School and another starting there in 2023. We are strongly in favor of the Imagine OPRF Project 2 with a complete teardown and rebuild of the southeast corner of the building.

We have been fortunate to have toured the completed Project 1 at OPRF. We have seen firsthand how great it turned out and the value it brings to OPRF students every day. The board should be congratulated for the results of this work.

We have also had the opportunity to take a PE teacher-led tour of the athletic facilities, and we were incredibly surprised to see the age and condition of the areas that we visited. We have relatives who attended OPRF in the 1950s and 1960s and there is no doubt that these areas have had little, if any change since then. All the areas we saw are lacking the features that should be found in a 21st-century school environment and are severely deficient relative to other schools in the area.

The things that were most shocking to us were the condition of the locker rooms, bathrooms, lack of ADA accessibility, lack of storage, and basic safety items that one would expect to see in a school educating 21st-century students.

While we understand that the cost is significant, we must ask: if now is not the time to rebuild a 100-year-old portion of the school, when is the time? Are we going to wait for the building to be 200 years old?

To us the choice is obvious.

Meg & Jordan Chalmers
River Forest

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