The proposed rezoning of 327-329 Home Ave. from R5 to R6 should not be granted.

1) This is a Historic District. A change in zoning here could set a precedence for other Historic Districts

2) Undue hardship would be placed on residents of 339 Home by the construction of an oversized building that would block their only source of natural light and most likely decrease their property values

3) Envision Oak Park states: “Village government should ensure that historic development is properly preserved and new development appropriately complements the existing character of the community,” which a rezoning for a possible 14-unit structure does not

4) The buyer of this property knew of the R5 zoning; he assumed that the village would grant him R6 zoning so he can make more money.

Let’s stick to our zoning regulations. They are for maintaining the character of our wonderful neighborhoods.

I sincerely hope the village board will stand with the wishes and well-being of their taxpaying current residents instead of lining the pockets of a developer.

Zoning is done for good reasons. Keep 327-29 Home Ave. R5.

Johnilee Yankow
Oak Park

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