I read with great interest the story on the newest Huskies fall sport, girls’ flag football [Girls fly the flag for football, News, Oct. 12]. This new sport seems to make all the sense in the worldas I remembered how much I enjoyed playing flag football as a college intramural sport. The team’s quarterback was truly an impressive athlete.

The Saturday following the WJ article, I found myself unable to get into my car in the OPRF parking structure after playing for four hours as a member of the Oak Park Farmers Market Band. It seems that a late model Chevy Impala with fixed rear view mirrors parked so close to my car that I could not open the driver’s door wide enough to get in. Honestly, I was beside myself being unable to get into the driver’s seat.

But my solution arrived in a tall thin female student whom I asked for help and she was able to get into my driver’s seat and back my car out of the wedged spot. I thought to myself what an amazingly kind and helpful OPRF student. As she walked away I saw her flag football helmet on her backpack, and then I remembered where I recognized her from — the WJ front-page photo of the quarterback of the new flag football team.

This student athlete speaks well for herself, her coaches, her teachers, and her parents with her willingness to be a little inconvenienced on a game day to help a senior citizen in need.

Frank Vozak
Oak Park

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