Recently, I overheard a discussion between two men concerning the upcoming election. Gentleman #1 said he was troubled deciding who to vote for. He said he favored Republican candidates because they seemed “strong and determined, like Trump.”  Gentleman #2 did not state who he would vote for. He merely answered, “I’d rather have candidates who are physically weak and have strong minds, than those who have strong bodies and weak minds.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Gentleman #2. We need men and women of strong moral character who are intelligent and knowledgeable about democratic leadership and constitutional government. We need leaders who care more for the United States of America than for their own personal power. I am fed up with the lies. Leadership motivated by greed and power-grabbing is anti-democracy. I will not be intimidated by the hate and fear tactics of Trump and his followers. 

Wouldn’t it be a refreshing outcome of the 2022 midterm election if we were able to feel pride and respect for our elected officials?

Let us make this happen by voting for people with strong minds.

Harriet Hausman
River Forest

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