Here’s another fix OPRF is working on: After four years of planning, largely done by the school’s math teachers, a significantly revised math curriculum is being unveiled. The early reception from the school board is positive and planned changes could be rolled out as early as next fall and then phased in over four years.

The plan seems so obvious once it is set out. Instead of strictly sequencing Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II as the core of most students’ first three years of high school, the math department is planning an integrated curriculum that mixes those subjects, and some other math concepts, together into a three-year curriculum.

This is not detracking. Unlike the shift to a single freshman honors curriculum for all subjects other than math, the new plan calls for the continuation of ability groupings across all years.

OPRF did not invent this concept. It is catching on in schools across the country. Likely because it is so logical.

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