On the evening of Friday, Sept. 30, I was invited to a reception on the 300 block of North Scoville Avenue. When I drove up the block to that address the street had a number of cars located on that side of the block, but after passing the house I found a spot and parked. I knew there was no parking during the day in that area near the high school, but this was after that time period.

I did not see any special “no parking” notices posted on trees in the area, or I would have looked for a legal spot to park. I did not choose to stroll up and down the street looking for a sign that told me not to park, as the combination of many other vehicles parked there, a permanent sign that appeared to allow parking, and no notice of some exception to this rule on the trees near my spot led me to assume what I did was legal.

Only after the lovely party was ending did others who attended come back to the house after discovering parking tickets on all of the cars on the street. I guess I should have guessed there might be a sign I missed somewhere on the block and found my error, so I paid the parking ticket.

Usually the village tries to do a good job of notification for parking, but this time none of the usual No Parking signs were evident, and it did not occur to me to roam the street to seek out a notice I had no reason to believe was there.

If there is a notice of special No Parking zones, they should be on all the trees, should be facing in the direction to be seen by motorists, and the local residents should be notified so they can plan events to avoid this conflict.

I am particularly sad that so many non-local guests were entrapped by this incident, including those who live out of state. It really spoiled a lovely evening for all of us.

Teresa Powell
Oak Park

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