I was surprised to read your Viewpoints column [As autumn turns toward night, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Sept. 28], delighted by the quote from the Diary of Opal Whiteley, and by your warm thoughts about Anne Hills singing Opal’s words to music by Michael Smith at a 2016 concert at the Oak Park Public Library.

I feel I should clarify that the concerts have been funded by the Friends of the Oak Park Public Library. I made a proposal to their board years ago and have had the pleasure of booking the artists for those programs.

I also have some good news, after a nearly two-year suspension, live folk music concerts are returning to the Veterans Room of the main library. The first concert is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 17, featuring Paper Birds, the foursome of Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan, Katie Dahl and Rich Higdon. Each of these couples has performed here in the past and may be familiar to those who head to Wisconsin in the summer, especially to Door County.

The library has the new feature of registering to attend, and while registration is not required for attendance at these concerts, doing so has two special features — reminder notification (email or text) and the ability to view a live streaming of the concert. While I personally prefer attending a concert in-person when possible, I appreciate the possibility of seeing a performance remotely and hope that it increases the audience for this music.

Hope to see you in the audience,

Nancy Clark
Oak Park

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