Your latest column on neutrality [Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Sept. 21] got me thinking.

I have a suggestion that might clarify discussions involving Republican voters and politicians.

Use the term “Trumplican” for the far irrational right.

For Democrats, don’t say Republican when you really mean “Trumplican” which would not insult the many fine Republicans who helped keep our 2020 election free of fraud. Using “Trumplican” would not demean the Republicans courageously testifying before the January 6 Committee.

For GOP Republicans, they could attack “Trumplicans” without being disloyal to the Republican Party, which quietly waits in the shadows hoping the storm will pass.

Using the term “Trumplican” would enable people to speak more freely and accurately without including true Republicans in attacks. “Trumplican” must not be applied to conservatives, but only to people who believe that threats and violence trumps democracy.

“Trumplicans” are almost the antithesis of Republicans regarding facts, rational thinking, rule of law and protecting our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I got the term from a site I read.

Rob Kleps
Oak Park

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