Reply to the Sept. 14 editorial, “News as a weapon of the right”:

The Fox family of programming has found a business plan that is overwhelming the news media business. The Wednesday Journal accuses them of editorial dishonesty without a shred of proof of their accusations. You have made the claim and I am challenging you to defend your position with some references and examples. You also find fault with the people who back conservative positions yet stay strangely silent when George Soros’ name comes up — a tad hypocritical I would say.

My grandfather came to the United States after WWI and joined the army to get his citizenship. As a high school student (Riverside-Brookfield H.S., 1956) I would sit with him at our picnic table and talk politics. Seventy-five years later my beliefs in small, limited government have not changed at all. Those of you who have adopted the woke progressive mindset have moved so far to the left that we are no longer visible and you believe our philosophy has changed — it has not!

Your editorial mentions West Cook News in a derogatory light, so I recovered my most recent issue for a more complete review. I find that I like seeing local football players who are going to college teams, which local grade schools are succeeding and which are failing their students academically and socially. Reading the “Publishers Notes” I find that they are aiming to “Speak with the community not at them” a worthy goal that the Wednesday Journal should aspire to. Their explanation of the SAFE-T legislation would make your blood boil.

So speaking from the right, I write to voice my commitment to honoring your right to hate and speak badly of whoever you choose, but be aware that we have the constitutional right to believe whatever we like and stand tall in defense of our beliefs. The Fox team is winning in every ratings category and they are profitable. I have not ever seen a heartfelt plea for funds to help them survive.

Ray Simpson
Oak Park

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