My husband Victor and I totally agree with Peggy Conlon-Madigan (Sept. 14 letter to the editor), that the removal of daily print newspapers at the Oak Park Main Library does not carry out the library’s Stewardship Objective #2: “We provide broad, effective and equitable access to resources.”

Actually, we were quite taken aback when we heard about this ill-conceived plan. Why, in this time of misinformation and disinformation unduly influencing people, would Oak Park want to deprive people of real investigative reporting?! Maybe the library needs more community programs involving print newspapers. I started reading the New York Times when I was a teen and still read it. What about people who don’t have online access or those who experience eye strain from being online? Surely, we want to support good newspapers and not contribute to their financial strain.

Don’t do this, Oak Park Library Board!

Iris Yipp
Oak Park

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