I think all Oak Parkers would agree that we pay rather high taxes. So it was with some dismay that when I called the police to report the incessant motorcycle racing and noise on the Madison corridor along which I live, and the extremely loud music played by same, it took the police 40 minutes to come. And when the officer did arrive, he was rude, obviously disinterested, filed no report and as much as said it was not an important enough issue for the police to waste their time on.

Anyone who lives off of Madison knows the constant extreme night- and daytime noise from these rider/racers. Forest Park has posted a huge sign on Madison saying there will be a $750 fine for this behavior. Apparently Oak Park taxes don’t get us the same kind of attention to the needs of our citizens. All it would take is some parked police cars along Madison on Friday and Saturday night to stop this illegal, dangerous and extremely annoying problem.

Mary Kay Ryan
Oak Park

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