Our elected District 200 school board members and the OPRF High School administration secured funds and set a timeline for the much-needed rebuilding of the tennis courts. They nailed it.

This renovation is an example of the kind of facility upgrade that is essential for the high school — and it’s not just about physical education or athletics. It’s also about community.

After last year’s partial court availability due to construction parking and equipment storage, the utmost priority was given to ensuring these courts were ready to go in time for tryouts on Aug. 8. I watched the progress eagerly this spring and summer and was thrilled to see the courts completed as promised.

The courts are impressive.

The tangible benefits are obvious when considering this facility upgrade: modernized infrastructure, better quality of play for PE students and tennis athletes, great first impression for visiting teams, and even improved home property values. The intangible benefits are priceless: a feeling of being valued as a student and as an athlete, a sense of pride in our school, the ability to come together as a community of families and fans to watch matches, and clarity and comfort that our tax dollars are being put to good use.

These courts are used during the day by PE students, after school by tennis athletes, and on the weekends by community members who want to play. They are truly an asset for us all. This is a small but important indicator of what we should expect from the more extensive field and Project 2 upgrades. The payoff will be huge and long-lasting.

The time is now to build on this success and that of Project 1 and keep going without pause. What an amazing legacy we will leave for our present and future youth.

We can — and must — do this.

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