The 100-year-old physical education spaces at OPRF no longer serve our students, or the community. These facilities must be modernized. For families with kids attending the school, and everyone who has toured the old spaces, that much is obvious.

Yet some wonder if every possibility has been considered. And some argue that the decision to fix the crumbling infrastructure should be delayed in order to let the whole community decide what to do.

I do not want the school board to wait. I don’t want the board to kick the can down the road, as so many previous boards did. The current school board was elected to act. To make decisions. To do what’s best for the school and for the community. We empowered you to act when we elected you.

If the process to decide how to modernize our facilities was somehow suspect, I could understand the desire for delay. But the Project 2 plan is part of the larger Imagine plan — a nearly two-year-long effort by 40 community members and OPRF staff to analyze every learning space on the OPRF campus. That effort culminated in a long, rigorous needs analysis (available on the school’s website) as well as highly detailed recommendations for which spaces to modernize, which to leave intact, and how to prioritize the work most cost-effectively. The just-completed Project 1 and the expected Project 2 directly stem from this thoughtful process.

In other words, the decision before the board is based on years of analysis, with enormous community involvement. The board is empowered to go forward — now, not after more community input.

What possible legitimate reason could there be to delay?

Michele Batra
River Forest

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