Until this nation gets control of the number of guns flooding our streets, and we are not optimistic on that front, then efforts to limit gun violence will necessarily be piecemeal and limited in effectiveness.

Does not mean we don’t grab those opportunities as the village of Oak Park did Monday night when it passed an ordinance requiring all gas stations in the community to close during overnight hours. The better than half-dozen 24-hour gas stations in Oak Park have seen disproportionate numbers of violent crimes during the middle of the night. That includes the staggering murder of Jailyn Logan-Bledsoe, a new OPRF grad, at the BP station on Chicago Avenue early in the summer.

Limiting the hours of operation of those stations is a realistic response to that violence. Credit to neighbors of the BP for their effective organizing around multiple concerns impacting their residential neighborhood. Credit to the village board for its decision, contrary to a staff recommendation.

And if Oak Park gets sued by gas station operators, well, that’s why we have lawyers.

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