Have you called your spiritual support system, church, pastor, priest and could not get any spiritual care or support? Have you called certain public, state or federal organizations to be met with indifference or a lack of urgency? What about your bank? Customer service getting you down? Has your doctor’s attitude changed to a state of overwhelm and resignation?

It’s not you. Everyone is not secretly against you. No one is plotting your demise. We did not see a PSA about the best days and times to go and carjack your car, not because we needed a car but because it would really drive you nuts (pun intended) and we have nothing better to do. It’s not that.

It’s the great Apathy. In the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) apathy is the mayonnaise layer to your BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato). You can really spread that mayo in between any layer you feel is appropriate for you. It could be between denial and anger. It could fit nicely between depression and acceptance. Let’s be honest, in our world today we’ve had quite a lot to be angry and depressed about.

Our “universe sandwich” for the past almost three years has been by layers: COVID, more COVID, political strife (a thick sloppy layer of that) murder hornets, more COVID, gas prices, inflation, more politics, the Ukrainian war, Roe v Wade reversal, “the great resignation,” the vaccine and mask wars, and in between seasoned with over 2,000 mass shootings since 2019.

Not only that, when you have tried to finally travel to vacation, there is major drama and/or your flight is canceled. Are you feeling it now? Is the horror and outrage now giving way to apathy and indifference? Are you letting it roll over you like a warm blanket, calling you back to bed?

It’s OK, I get it. I don’t think I’m the only one who gets it either. Apathy has gotten the best of us. No one seems to care anymore. How do you live in a world where no one seems to care? Do you beat them or join them?

While you think about it, I have more to share. The sum of how you are treated is not equal to how much you are loved and appreciated in your life for all that you have given your entire life. It’s time to have a daily recall of all that is good for your own personal sanity and to remember who you are. Make it a daily routine to remember good that has happened in your life for a few minutes out of your day.

Apathy is not the enemy. It is the defense. How do you defend? You confront things head on with passion. You care, when no one else will.

EL Serumaga is a resident of River Forest and founder of ecovici.com, a site for products from only sustainable vendors.

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