Flooding, excessive heat, famine due to drought, and other climate-induced weather events are already killing people, while island nations and coastal communities are being threatened with extinction.

And thus are we exposed to ecological destruction, essentially because the climate crisis is being ignored. The light from the prophetic glow of Pope Francis’ Laudato si’ was lit seven years go, but his voice remains as one crying in the burning global wilderness. Last month the Supreme Court lit a match under Laudato si’, with their shocking decision to diminish the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of deadly power plant emissions.

As the conservative members of the Court unfurls their flag of Big Business and Fossil Fuels, the United States continues to lead the world in carbon emissions; thus, the Court’s decision will have global impact. A major cause of ecological destruction are these emissions, which pose a deadly risk to life for humans, animals and all nature.

Our compelling objective is to accelerate the use of clean air, by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. A senate bill containing the proposed allocation of hundreds of billions of dollars for climate and energy programs has languished in Congress despite Democratic support, because one senator, Joe Manchin of West Virginia has been opposed to it, negating the Democrats’ razor-thin majority.

The bill also includes lowering prescription drug prices, raising taxes for the affluent, and lowering the federal deficit. 

But the bill will now begin inhaling the oxygen of hope. Joe Manchin has undergone a legislative apocalypse, informing Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer he will now support billions of dollars to fight climate change.

The new bill could become the most important legislation in President Biden’s first two years. When the bill was first considered, it was estimated adoption would reduce emissions 40% below 2005 levels by 2030. 

What can we as Americans do to incorporate climate change into the template of our lives? We can use the trumpet’s blare to promote awareness of a proposed U.N. resolution on everyone’s right to clean air and water.

We also need to hope and pray that a lawsuit isn’t filed against the new climate change bill once passed by Congress.

Because it could reach the Supreme Court!

Tom Lynch
Oak Park

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