Just days apart, a second homicide has occurred in Oak Park. Will the Oak Park Village Board add the recent significant increase in homicides, aggravated vehicular carjackings, and armed robberies of local businesses to their agenda? Why are topics most important to current board members those that will divide this community? There are four Roman Catholic parishes in Oak Park, yet at the forefront of the last board meeting is how they are 1,000% in favor of abortion rights. The board should immediately address:

  • the proliferation of illegal guns into Oak Park originating from Chicago, the largest exporter within the state of Illinois.
  • hold the Cook County State’s Attorney and Judges accountable when they release violent criminals back into the community immediately after arrest.
  • hold state officials representing Oak Park accountable for the increased crime that will result when the “no bond” Jan. 1, 2023 law goes into effect. The law was passed with the support of all state officials representing Oak Park. If these same officials are so proud of this law, why are they now hiding under a rock and refuse to address the illegal guns used in Oak Park crimes? Are they now ashamed?
  • immediately bring the Oak Park Police Department to full complement. There are many retired police officers who could be hired to address low-priority calls.

Oak Park Village Board Trustees needs to put aside the topics that will get them recognized nationally and address issues that affect the community from which they were elected.

Richard Willis
Former Oak Park Township Trustee and
Community Mental Health Board Member

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