It is only common sense that the village of Oak Park is in active conversations with gas stations that have maintained 24-hour status even after a young customer at the BP at 100 Chicago Ave. was recently murdered.

That station, which has seen violence in the past, is now voluntarily closing each evening at 11 p.m.

Those conversations ought to continue even as the police department analyzes, not for the first time we hope, violent crime incidents at local gas stations and also at 24-hour convenience stores. A Google search lists seven gas stations still operating 24 hours between Oak Park and River Forest.

That analysis will come to the village board sometime in early August according to Village Manager Kevin Jackson. Limiting hours of operation is a direct and logical means to eliminating a crime of opportunity. If, as we suspect, the village has the authority within its code to set business hours, we would urge them to close every gas station by midnight.

There is not a single solution to gun violence. That two siblings — one 21, the other 17 — each allegedly had a handgun in that BP parking lot just after midnight on June 22 tells us we are awash in cheap weapons. If cowardly national leaders will do nothing to limit the plague of guns, then it is left to towns such as Oak Park to throw up what precautions it can.

Requiring that gas stations close earlier is one such precaution.

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