Let’s close with some encouragement.

Kudos to the Rotary Club of Oak Park-River Forest for its work to support middle school girls needing some support to take part in enrichment activities. Science. Art. Math. Sports. Anything works under this scholarship program so long as the need is there and the enthusiasm matches.

And Rotary could not go wrong in naming the project for two extraordinary Rotarians who certainly valued the aspirations of young women. Sr. Michelle Germanson was the longtime president of Trinity High School. Ginie Cassin, the first woman in the local Rotary, was Oak Park’s longtime village clerk and then so much more.

Our Stacey Sheridan reported a moving story last week on Hephzibah’s need to find many more foster families to meet the immediate needs of children for a stable and caring home. Hephzibah’s work is so broad and yet so focused on children who have been dealt rough hands. The interviews with the two local foster families urged people — single, married, caring — to make the leap to fostering. The need is compelling.

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