It is unnerving to have a second murder occur on an Oak Park street in a single month. First the murder in a Chicago Avenue gas station, referenced above. Now a Chicago man shot dead near Stevenson Park on Lake Street.

We were struck a month ago by the empathetic and determined response to Logan-Bledsoe’s death from Interim Police Chief Shatonya Johnson. She pledged the full resources of her department to bring justice. She pledged greater transparency in talking with the community about the murder. Recently, tragically, a brother and sister were arrested in that crime.

Now, with a second murder in the same neighborhood, Johnson is again pledging that her department will make arrests and serve justice. We are hopeful of that.

We appreciate the candor of this chief in acknowledging both crimes and, by extension, recognizing the unsettling impact they have on the community. We appreciate her efforts to stay connected with the family of Logan-Bledsoe. We respect the work behind the arrests of suspects in the first murder. These have not always been the qualities we have seen in our police leaders.

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