As promised by interim Police Chief Shatonya Johnson, arrests in the purposeless murder of Jailyn Logan-Bledsoe in an Oak Park gas station late last month were the department’s top priority.

After earlier announcing it had focused on two persons of interest, the department last week announced it had arrested two young people, a brother and his teenage sister, as the alleged murderers.

We mourn the brutal slaying of Logan-Bledsoe, a newly celebrated graduate of OPRF, recall her exemplary life of service and activism, and grieve her stolen potential as a freshman this fall at Howard University.

But as we consider the devastation they allegedly wrought, we also think about the self-immolation of the lives of the two alleged perpetrators.

Loss and devastation at every turn. Guns in too many hands. Callousness toward the lives of an innocent and toward their own precious lives. It is all too much.

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