The recent rulings by our Supreme Court have many of us deeply concerned. We worry what their next move might be as they seemingly interpret the Constitution with an agenda that limits our rights.

My primary concern is voting rights. Without adherence to the Constitution’s 15th Amendment, we have no democracy. A few state legislatures have already brought cases to the Supreme Court with restrictions adversely and disproportionately impacting minority voters. The court has ruled in the states’ favor.

Each of us as Americans has this precious right to vote in free and fair elections. We select those we want to lead, and we accept the choices of the majority, the will of the people. Deviant behavior such as lying or distorting results should not be tolerated. “Big lies” whether repeated by a former president or our next door neighbor, must be ignored as meaningless, albeit dangerous, noise.

Nevertheless, we have a major problem with today’s Supreme Court. Some states have already set voting restrictions that are racist, bigoted, and white-supremacist-inspired. Sadly, the Supreme Court seems to go along with these restrictions, and “punts” the issue back to the states.

The recourse we have against these restrictions is to codify laws through federal action. We can pre-empt the possibility/probability of the Supreme Court accepting further restrictions on voting rights by making sure we have a legislative ruling in place before more damage can occur. We fortunately have a president who will make use of all of the authority he has to advocate for and sign into law a forceful voting rights bill, but this cannot happen without Congress introducing and passing such a bill.

Our job is to light a fire under our Congress. Republicans and Democrats alike must fulfill their sworn obligations and bolster the ability of all citizens to exercise their right to vote in free and fair elections. Folks, let us use our voices to tell Congress to take action on a voting rights bill now. Voting rights is the very basis of our democracy.

Harriet Hausman
River Forest

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