Our so-called Supreme Court ruled this week on several issues that turn the pages of time back more than 50 years. The Republican Justices (6 of the 9) obviously do not observe the non-partisan oath to support our Constitution and civil rights in their decision-making. The reversal of Roe v. Wade will now cause women to suffer loss of health care and reproductive rights. Women are obliged to carry a fetus to term even if the pregnancy is caused by rape or incest.

It seems that our country is about to return to the days of women dying due to mutilation and lack of medical care. A few of the states have even gone so far as to either threaten imprisonment or fine women for seeking abortions. This is also a civil liberties matter. As you and I know, wealthy women will be able to obtain professional care whether or not they live in a state where abortion is legal. No such recourse is available to the poor in our country.

While turning back the clock on this issue again, our not-so-Supreme Court has made another decision that opens the door on gun rights that had been safely closed in New York for over 100 years (since 1913). I have apprehension concerning allowing loaded guns carried in public. This decision makes no sense, whatsoever (except to please the NRA and gun manufacturers). This ruling allows for more gun use while at the same time our President, Joe Biden, has just signed a gun-regulation bill.

So, my dear feminist sisters, my first suggestion is to change from fashionable dress and casual attire to reflect our new political status. Let us wear loose-fitting black cloaks. This outfit must be designed to allow us to tote our AR-57 rifles like everyone else will no doubt be carrying in public. We women must return to the dark ages, suppress our education, our intelligence, and of course, any of our needs. This should satisfy our macho males who can now make decisions for us lowly subjects. In other words, we women are to be chattel to these Trump males — that is, if we allow it!

What can we do? We must determinedly revolt! First we vote against Trump Republicans who are politically influencing court decisions. We must also pledge to pay more attention to voting for our state officials who are making arbitrary rulings that go along with the not-so-Supreme-Court. We must peacefully march in protest. We must pester, annoy, call, and write the courts and Congress. We are part of a democracy, and we must demonstrate to our leaders that people can change political decisions, even those made by the not-so-Supreme Court.

Note: As an ugly reminder, these justices have lifetime tenure.

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