The new logo for Oak Park Farmers Market

The Oak Park Farmers Market is excited about refreshing its look with a brand-new logo. After reviewing design proposals from several artists earlier this year, the Farmers Market Commission selected a logo design from Oak Park-born designer Judith Mayer, featuring a farm scene inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright design aesthetic.

According to the artist, “I created a logo that puts a stylish twist on the Prairie style, emphasizing artisanship and simplicity like a Frank Lloyd Wright design, while still feeling contemporary.

“It employs diagonals for energy, a monoline for sleekness, rounded ends for a touch of softness and hand-drawn lettering to fit the words perfectly in a rectangular block. The logomark and the logotype components can be used in many different configurations for flexibility.”

The new logo will debut on T-shirts, tote bags, and stickers available for sale at the market starting June 25.

Looking back

As we prepare to unveil our new logo, we thought it would be fun to visit with the artist who created the original well-known logo that represented the market for the past 26 years.

The old Oak Park Farmers Market logo

Charlotte Lyons is a textile artist and teacher now living in Vermont. She lived in Oak Park from 1983 to 1997 where she had three daughters, Erin, Maggie, and Mo.

She now lives in a country village in southern Vermont. “I design playful embroidery panels for stitchers and teach textile arts through in-person and online workshops. My newest design is called ‘Oak Park’ featuring yet another pink house, a recurring nod to our beloved pink Victorian on South Taylor.”

When asked what inspired her to create the familiar market design, she said, “We loved the Farmers Market! Donuts, music, friends, food! All the visual imagery!

“The current logo is actually the second one I designed for the market. The first was in 1994 — a colorful paper cutting of vegetables, flowers, and fruit. At the time I was designing and printing shirts for schools as fundraisers, beginning with my ‘Beye School, So Cool’ shirt that I created when my children went there. I still remember that first Farmers Market pitch to the committee at village hall and how nervous I was. The second and current design was also a paper cutting I did in my home studio. It was and still is such a favorite for me.”

In addition to the Farmers Market and Beye School designs, Lyons also screen-printed shirts for Hatch, Holmes, Mann, Longfellow, CAST productions, Orchesis, Day in Our Village, and small businesses.

Reflecting on her time here in Oak Park, Charlotte said, “We are so grateful for our time in Oak Park. Absolutely cherished as the magic years in our family story! … [I’m] excited to see the new design and to visit the village again sometime.”

Reach Charlotte Lyons through her website, Instagram and Etsy sites. Her website includes her newsletter.

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