I’m writing in strong support of improvements to the physical education (PE) and athletics facilities at OPRF High School. Renovations to these spaces are long overdue, and I hope the District 200 Board of Education acts soon to move forward with the badly needed work.

Like everything at our high school, PE and athletics happen on a massive scale. Nearly every OPRF student uses the PE spaces nearly every day, all school year. While many of these spaces are also used by athletic teams and other extracurricular activities before and after school, their primary purpose is for the daily, nearly constant PE instruction of all OPRF students.

And physical education facilities at OPRF do serve all our students, regardless of race, gender identity, income status, or academic ability. Some people claim that the desire for new PE facilities is actually just a way to build a new pool for white athletes from affluent families. In actuality, OPRF is proposing to rebuild multiple gyms, locker rooms, classrooms, elevators, office spaces, weight rooms, dance rooms, and more — and these spaces will serve everyone.

As a realtor, I can tell you that our high school is the most important driver of property values in our two towns; every property owner should want to maintain excellence at OPRF. And young families have an even greater interest: if your child currently attends elementary or middle school, moving ahead now will mean these long overdue renovations will be complete for your child’s time at OPRF.

As an alumni of the high school, as well as my mom as an alumni, and our children as graduates of OPRF, we all have benefitted from the physical education facilities and know it provides important life lessons. These lessons are valuable for the future students attending the high school in addition to the priceless asset to the community.

Our kids deserve more. Our community demands more. I strongly support the OPRF administration’s efforts to solve this problem, and I hope the D200 board will take action soon.

Kimberly Wojack
Oak Park

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