In response to the recent massacre in Buffalo, New York, President Biden described white supremacy as “a poison. It’s a poison running through our body politic.” In his opinion piece on the Buffalo Massacre [Let’s think harder about the Buffalo massacre, Commentary, May 25], Michael Romain mockingly maintained that President Biden does not have the moral standing to make a strong statement against white supremacy. Mr. Romain’s argument cites President Biden’s actions that are more than 20 years old.  Somehow, President Biden’s actions and accomplishments over the past 20 years are irrelevant for Mr. Romain. President Biden chose the first Black woman to be his vice presidential running mate. He appointed the first Black female Supreme Court justice, and just recently appointed the first female Black press secretary. The strong endorsement of Biden by James Clyburn, one of the most prominent Black legislators of the past 25 years, played a pivotal role in propelling Biden to become the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. Among his many acts that served to elevate the Black community and promote racial justice and equity, President Biden issued an executive order that rescinded the diversity training restrictions enacted by Donald Trump. His legislation dramatically increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He pushed through Congress the American Rescue Plan, which reduced Black child poverty by a third. To characterize President Biden as hypocritical in his denunciation of white supremacy is divisive, unfounded and serves no constructive purpose.  

Robert Marshall, Oak Park

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