We said on this page 42 years ago that we’d only write editorials that had a discernible and local point of view. We specifically cited editorials related to Memorial Day as an example of the sort of editorials we would never write. Sure, we were taking a shot at our competitors at Oak Leaves who often wrote a lot of mush about what a great and outstanding holiday Memorial Day was.

Well, times change. And as this Memorial Day approaches, we’d like to say how thrilled we are to see River Forest’s fantastic Memorial Day parade return after two years of COVID-19 pain and loss. Wednesday Journal will be there marching with all the other terrific local organizations, businesses, politicians, marching bands, kids and dogs and, maybe, just maybe, that giant Jewel shopping cart.

As we report today, even as we acknowledge that COVID is not yet beat, a good batch of spring and summer events are making their return. OPRF’s prom, What’s Blooming on Harrison, graduations, Oak Park’s 4th of July parade and, yes, fireworks.

It’s not normal. But it is moving toward a new normal. And we’ll take it.

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