In last week’s Viewpoints, Jack Powers echoed the Wednesday Journal’s prior editorial of May 11 about the “common-sense, fiscally-responsible” effort of both those entities to share year-round access to the Ridgeland Common pool.

There is just one problem with the constant focus on D200 and the park district. It ignores the most important factor in the equation: the citizens of Oak Park. Am I the only person old enough to remember the renovation of the Ridgeland Common facility in 2013? As part of that renovation there was a referendum on whether to cover the pool so it could be used year-round. While I personally voted “yes,” I was on the losing side and the referendum failed. The stated reasons it failed were cost and the fact that a significant number of Oak Parkers preferred to sit in the sun and swim during the summer rather than swim inside all year-round. Do not underestimate the power of sunbathing!

Perhaps we need a new referendum on covering the pool, reflecting a possible attitude change from 2013 to 2022.

Alan Krause
Oak Park

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