Douglas Andrew Sechter Jr., 65, of Vancouver, British Columbia, formerly of Oak Park, died peacefully on March 26, 2022 at Broadway Lodge. Born on Nov. 8, 1956 to Douglas Andrew Sechter Sr. and Lorraine Lillian Klacynski, he spent his childhood between Oak Park and Schaumburg.

An artistic free-thinker who spoke his mind and lived life his way, he spent the first portion of his adult life having a family, traveling the world, learning multiple languages, studying world religions and philosophies while fulfilling a career as a teacher. He taught Asian history and English to non-native speakers, along with pursuing a PhD, focusing on the 19th-century opium trade.

The second portion of his adult life was dominated by a 2003 diagnosis of a rare, slow-growing brain tumor (oligodendroglioma) covering a fourth of his brain above his left frontal lobe, which significantly affected his behavioral and cognitive function. Several rounds of successful treatments and surgeries prolonged his life for nearly 20 years. While he was never able to hold consistent employment again, he found ways to continue traveling and expressing himself through painting.

Years after his initial cancer diagnosis, he began frequently visiting a close friend’s art studio. Motivated by his friend, he began painting, primarily using acrylic paint on canvas. His art styles are inspired by indigenous and Asian art, as well as feminine aspects of divinity. The work focused on hidden emotions and parts of himself that have been misinterpreted. He is known for painting the backs of his paintings and signing them with his signature “A”.

Douglas is survived by his children, Brendan, Genevieve, Geoffrey and Veronica; his grandchildren, Ren, Ryou, Venus and Hunter; and his brothers, William and Thomas. His parents preceded him in death.

In lieu of flowers, his family requests that words of support and donations be made on Mend Together, which includes four funds created to facilitate honoring his final wishes:

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